post emporium


The other day I popped in to the divine Post Emporium - Aurelio Costarella's flagship boutique in the old North Perth post office at 23 View Street.  I was surprised (and very impressed) to find such an inviting space, eclectically beautiful with a range of antiques, homewares and jewellery as well as the breathtaking garments themselves.

His work really is amazing, I often feel that the pieces shown in the press don't do his aesthetic justice, but seeing them in a less red-carpet orientated environment gave me a renewed enthusiasm.  This store is an absolute must see for anyone visiting Perth, and if you already live there and haven't been, go, immediately!

Antique French chainmail purses with crystal beads, hand knotted on to silk thread, available in a range of sizes (the strap crossing the mannequin has a larger one attached to it.  Gorgeous!).

Framed antique pieces including a Victorian jet hairpiece and lace glove.
Looks from the Winter 10 collection
Images from Aurelio Costarella website

Many thanks to the lovely Ali who let me take pictures of the store, and explained the origins of nearly all of the beautiful antique items to my mother and I!


indigorchid said...

Arrr..! I'm in love with all of what Post Emporium has done! I went through all the past collections on the website, and it's just so wonderful! Thanks so much for spreading the word!

harbourmaster said...

Isn't it beautiful? The label is actually Aurelio Costarella, Post Emporium is the name of the flagship store. The pieces are even better close up, great combinations of fabrics! I don't know if there are any stockists in your neck of the woods but of you get a chance try to sneakily investigate the construction hehe