diy: show me the money!


Of the many covetable things I saw at LMFF one particular accessory caught my eye - the cheeky, cutesy and easy-to-replicate Romance Was Born money-bow hairclip (which I am henceforth dubbing the 'moneyclip').

The lovely Sam is wearing them here attached to her dress.

Photo by Lucas Dawson

Now, I'm not advocating ripping off Australian designers, but I'm not sure if these are even going to be released, they looked suspiciously like they were only available for the runway show, and I desperately wanted some.  So, if you do too (and in case you don't know how to stick a curl clip onto a fake dollar), here is the process to diy:

What you need:
-Fake money.  The RWB ones were made out of a kind of soft printed foam, but I am using the paper notes that were sticking out of the briefcase in the above photo (pretty sure you can get these at toy stores, or you can get really great joss paper "Heaven & Hell" money in Chinatown)

-PVA, paintbrush, little bit of felt, fabric/craft glue, curl clip, scissors

1. Concertina fold the money in the middle to make a bow shape

2. Cut a little strip out of another note and fold both edges in to the centre, so you have a rectangle with nice sides

3. Secure the concertina folds (I stapled it) then squoosh down to flatten the middle section

4. Wrap the little rectangle around the middle, fold over one raw edge and glue together

5. Stick on clip with a little square of felt (you could just try to stick the clip on by itself, but believe me, this is a million times easier)

Front and back

6. Paint the entire surface with PVA to strengthen, and let dry

Woo, moneyclips!

And just a reminder - it's only two weeks until the MONSTRO premiere, would love to see you there!  Tickets are only $15 and available on the door.
Friday 9th April, Astor Theatre St. Kilda, 7pm.


Violet LeBeaux said...

That is such a cute idea! I would never have even though of using money, if you did it with Aus notes you could have one to match every colour outfit too ^_^

harbourmaster said...

Haha people would keep grabbing at your head! But it would be super cute with Australian notes!

The Sequin Cat said...

Fab DIY!