the verdict is in...



Roll up, roll up!  Mia in the ticket booth.

We had about 650 people in the beautiful art deco theatre, which was just astounding.  Thankyou so much to everyone who joined us!

Stu with actresses Nelli Scarlet ('Beretta'), Karli Madden ('Blondie') & Kyrie Capri ('Hannah').  Kate Watts ('Snowball') is missing from the gang, but our resident mod was looking gorgeous in a black and white 60's dress.

As close as you'll get to an outfit photo!  Myself with my very wonderful (and very helpful!) friends Mia and Simone, who are both wearing gorgeous circle dresses from Route66.

I am wearing:
dress - willow (with added strap)
gold skirt - vintage
shoes - beau coops
gold dress clip - present from Nicole at Circa Vintage
(and huuuuge falsies and nice hair)

We were thrilled to see some familiar faces in the crowd:

The impeccably glamourous Candice,

and gorgeous model Teer.

Guy and Simone did a stupendous job of manning the bar (especially as the stupid kegs kept being temperamental).  Chin chin!

After the screening we rocked the Astor with The Perfections (above) making their public debut to great success, and The Fezmen even rejoined to play for the evening!

The bubblegum cards went down a treat,

and apparently the posters were popular too as the walls were bare by the end of the night!

*EDIT* I completely forgot to say that all these wonderful photos are by the very talented Mad Dame (sorry Jess!).  She does AMAZING portraiture, go check out her website.

The night was all a bit of a blur for me as I was running around trying to be organised, so apologies to everyone that I just said a blunt hello to then didn't see again!  The reaction we've had so far has been so supportive, and I'm excited to say that Monstro will definitely be screening again in the not too distant future, so don't stress if you missed out ;)  Internationally, you can keep your eye out on the festival circuit.

On independent projects such as this everyone really has to chip in above and beyond their official titles, so I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation to the A team, who made this film an experience to be remembered:
Nick (SPFX/Creature Design&Production), who, beyond making litres and litres of blood, was always encouraging, appreciative and endearing,
Fabian (Producer/'MacGyver'), who can make ANYTHING work, and was quite happy to go and stand in the freezing sea while the rest of us stayed firmly on dry land on numerous occasions,
Chris (Production/Camera Assistant), who literally jumped in whenever we needed help with no complaints.

And of course, Stu (Writer/Director/etc/etc), who ran the show, taught me that I can do more than I knew and gave me the opportunity to get back in to costuming, which I love.


Nick.K. said...

T'was a style'n night indeed and thank-you for making sure i dressed in suitable attire C! I know i've never seen as many amazingly stylish young ladies in one place before;) (the gents weren't far behind in the fashion stakes either) and i have to agree with your sentiments on the making of the film as EVERY single person who contributed did thier jobs so well (this i was talking to Stu about on the phone only this very afternoon) that made the chaos of pulling together an independant feature a much smoother experience all 'round! Cheers to everyone:)

(oh and that costume girl who had to wash so much blood and dirt from stuff!)

Dropstitch said...

Candice looks amazing! Love that dress! I'm in love with Nelli - what a bombshell!

indigorchid said...

Sounds like you had a great experience being involved with the movie!

Teer Wayde said...

It was brilliant darling and you all should be so very proud! I had a fantastic time but left rather soon after due to feeling sickly!

I can't wait to meet you under some less hectic conditions!

Oh and Hello me and my fella! The shots are fantastic!


harbourmaster said...

Nick - 'i promise the blood won't stain, seriously!' hahahhaha I don't believe you! We did pretty good.

Bergs - ooh isn't it gorgeous? I hope she puts up a full-length shot of it, she looked amazing (as usual, sigh). Yeh nelli is quite the starlet! She's done a lot of modelling so knows how to work it in photos!

Indigorchid - it was such fun! I mean, crap hours, crap locations, crap weather...but so good! It really made me keento get back into costuming.

Teer - I'm so glad you enjoyed it and yes, must meet again soon! You n your fella look smashing!

esme and the lane way said...

It looks like an amazing night, congratulations :) I definitely want to see it when it screens again :)