magic pants


I am a bit of a fan of these pleated 80's Target culottes which look like a skirt until it's windy.  It's all back to business now that fashion week is over so I thought I'd kick-start my uni week with some sharp dressing.

shirt - basque from myer
pants - momo's vintage&retro on Beaufort St, Inglewood in Perth
shoes - beau coops
brooch - antique store somewhere in South-West WA
bow made from ribbon
(and I probably shouldn't be shouting this about but I'm wearing a pair of super high-waisted Nancy Gantz style knickers over my shirt to make the pants look higher, ha!)

Now then, if you've got two minutes I'd be eternally grateful if you'd do this survey to help my Fashion Business assignment.  Multiple choice so no excuses!  Only really relevant to Australian readers I should think...Thankyou!!


Stacy said...


Culottes rock. I thought I was the only one that had a penchant for them.

I love this look you've got going on. I was sporting my circa '91 Kim Gordon library look this weekend (avec leather skirt).

Now off to fill out your survey.

Rūta said...

that skirt is amamzing!

harbourmaster said...

Stacy - I vaguely remember hating them when they were part of my primary school uniform, but now I wish I had more pairs! They're so comfortable.

Still want to see this leather skirt of yours!

Ruta - cheers, it's actually pants! Although it was these that made me like the idea of long skirts.

Sabrina said...

haha why cant target make things as cool as those pants anymore? they're fantastic!

WayneandFarrah said...

LOVE your outfit. Done the survey, not sure if it's too late. I've been a bit absent from the blog world sorry just caught up with yours xx

La Clare said...

Ah, Target. Culottes. Does it get any better? Love your daring here, inspiring me to move out of the old jeans I think!

harbourmaster said...

Sabrina - haha, I reckon! If only...

Farrah - Thankyou! And no worries, not too late!

Clare - yes yes no jeans, culottes kick arse ;)