rafw highlights # 3


Sitting next to Team Vogue at the Æ'lkemi show!

Photo by Emma at Dropstitch

With her pink hair and commitment to colour, print, and all thing fabulous, how could Meg Gray not be my favourite Vogue fashion editor?  Klara (who is a buyer at Planet, best video/book/clothing store ever for those who are lucky enough to live near it, and has impeccable taste - check out her nautical necklace), Bergs and I were fairly excited to be sitting next to Meg and fashion assistant Ilona Hamer at the Perth-based label's show (which was quite enjoyable, not least because of their catwalk setup.  I'll try to salvage some photos...)


idarenotdare said...

Ah, amazing!

harbourmaster said...

I had fun spotting team Vogue at the various shows ;)