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So! Remember a while ago I said I'd done some exciting things? Well, I couldn't talk about this particular one at the time, but now I can. Watch this!

Basically, Country Road invited 10 RMIT Fashion Students to put together looks from the SS 10/11 collection, with the aim of choosing four to include in the catalogue. I was very lucky to join nine of my peers in the beautiful Alto event space in the GPO on a crisp afternoon in May to hear about the inspiration for the collection, meet the CR styling team and, most importantly, run amok with the clothes!

Originally we were meant to be joined by Stevie Dance from Russh, then by a stylist from Harpers Bazaar, but unfortunately that ended up not happening...(I WAS hoping to be discovered but that will have to wait, hehe). The CR team were awesome though, really enthusiastic and encouraging, so they made up for it.

CR explained that although the brand is aimed at a fairly conventional market they were happy for us to go crazy and do what we wanted, so I put together this as my main look:

Two of the main inspirations that were explained to us were 'bootcamp' and 'tribal' (which had particular reference to the Dries Van Noten Spring 2010 collection, which incorporated a lot of prints and half-jackets)

My extremely wonderful friends Jo (above) and Maddie (below, in my second outfit) both modelled for me as the CR supplied model was busy, thanks guys!

Unfortunately I didn't make the final cut to be included in the catalogue, but huge props to Jo, Maddie, Anna & Helen of Style Odyssey who did! The workshop was great fun and a really interesting insight into a brand of that size, thanks heaps Country Road for an exciting experience!

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Stacy said...

Congrats Claire - you're on a role!
Fantastic looks.
Did the event make you even more excited about the industry?