beyond garment


Went to an excellent exhibition at the WA Maritime Museum yesterday called Beyond Garment, which challenged the notions of wearable expression. I found it to be very well curated with a diverse selection of work, and would implore anyone in Perth to go see it! It's freeeeee and is on until November 28.

Top & above by Jocelyn Tan
Below by Roy Merritt

Above, opulent neckpieces (which I would happily wear!) by Sophie Kyron
Below, shoes by Marie Mazzurra for Zomp, made by Topouzian Brothers

My very favourite were these intricate tulle formations by Elizabeth Delfs, which reminded me of deep sea creatures or glass sculptures by Chihuly. I love the subtle shading of colour and bone-like internal structure. Imagine a dress like this! Swoon.


lucinda said...

Looks like a great exhibition. I wandered into the Sydney Maritime Museum last week but was disappointed - they definitely need some new collections.

Gaby and Jane said...

Those necklaces are beautiful, looks like a really awesome exhibition

harbourmaster said...

Lucinda - I haven't been to the Sydney Maritime Museum since they had an exhibition on nautical inspired fashion, that was agggeeessss ago.

Gaby - aren't they incredible? There were some other fabulous ones but my camera didn't want to snap them properly.

Josie said...

OMG I used to make pieces like that one by Roy Merritt when I was a kid - used to drive my Dad mad making me looms of different sizes. If only I'd known I could make a living doing that I wouldn't be stuck in a boring office job!