see it here first!


Sneak peeks from the completely fabulous RMIT Fashion exhibition, taken by my lovely and talented friend Liz McLeish - it's on until Sunday so you can still catch it! There is some really top notch work on display, and I'm proud to have been so involved in its installation. Level 2 of the GPO from 12-6 daily.

The launch on Thursday all went according to plan, with awesome music from The Perfections, delicious tipple from Innocent Bystander and San Pellegrino and 125 (!) changes in the runway show, phew! The experience has been overwhelming, definitely cementing the knowledge that I LOVE the world of fashion events. The careful preparation, the immaculate garments, the hustle & bustle of the show, the 30 second changes - just like dressing a musical! I can see myself doing this for real. Now, to make it happen...


Dropstitch said...


Amazing installations! Top notch students from the looks of it!

Wish I could have been there.


Answer My Dream said...

That looks fabulous!

Amy Alexandra said...

I was utterly impressed bu the exhibition. Your work in particular was incredible. You should be extremely proud.

esme and the lane way said...

Congratulations! It looks amazing x

harbourmaster said...

Bergs - I wish so too! It's been fun, I think you'd like it.

Answer my Dream - Cheers, I think so too! Lots of talent in those rooms. Bit intimidating ;)

Amy - thankyou! Sorry for not saying hello, I knew it was you but that week I was barely able to form words, let alone names!

Esme - thankyou! It turned out very well, I'm pretty happy.