best for last part 1 - Friday at LMFF


My very talented designer friend Jo, me, and the lovely Carly from Smaggle Style and Anna from Poppy Gets a Life, both of whom I was delighted to meet during the festival. We are hanging out at the Westfield bar which, although guarded by a girl with a clipboard, seemed to be more than happy to let us and in ply us with bubbly.

Photo courtesy of the Westfield Doncaster people who were snapping in the bar (who also managed to sneakily take a bunch of super unflattering photos of me grinning like a fool mid conversation, err, SHANKS)

Slightly more outfity photo courtesy of the lovely Sarah at Style Melbourne

An inconvenient cold kept me less than social for much of LMFF, but I'm glad I mustered some strength for Friday as it held the shows I was most interested in seeing.

I started the evening with the Mimco trunk show, set up more intimately that the runways at Central Pier with in-the-round seating in a atmospherically smoky chamber of the Prahran Town Hall. I'd never seen a catwalk parade for an accessories-only brand before so was intrigued to see how it would present, what the models would be wearing and indeed if we were able to get a good view of the individual pieces.

The choreography turned out to be quite standard - models lapping the room and posing in opposite corners - but as the seating was only two rows deep in any one spot it was quite easy to watch. The girls wore striking perspex trench coats and dresses (as seen in the Whispers & Anarchy campaign video) made by Kathryn Beker who has collaborated with Mimco for a number of years (which really complemented the Bowie-beatnik vibe of the collection) and some hideous lace-bodysuit-tiny-shorts combos (which we won't talk about).

Unfortunately, although the show was divided up into sections (presumably to represent different stories within the collection) it was hard to distinguish one from the other and properly appreciate the intricacy of the designs as everything was SO PILED ON. I like a bit of ghetto-fabulous layered-chain action as much as the next girl, but I really think the stylist went a bit far. That said, there were definitely a few shiny things that caught my eye, but I'll have to go into the boutique to see them properly.

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Poppy Gets a Life said...

Hello my dear! It was so lovely to meet you the other week - must do it again some time.

Speak soon! xox