channelling my inner degrassi kid





Thankyou ever so for the lovely feedback on my last post - it seems all are in favour of wearing whatever makes us smile when we catch a glimpse of our outfit reflected in a window, age appropriateness be damned.  (Emmi - I turned 25 a few weeks ago, first public admission of being a quarter century haha!)

Cracking out the white denim, neo-Lennon specs and fishing tackle for a day running errands.  The lady at the op shop was most impressed by my impromptu earrings.

jacket - op shop
dress - vintage
shoes - old gringo (must do a proper post on these, seriously awesome)
sunnies - alpha60
earrings - squiddy lures, attached to (earring, rather than fishing) hooks


Ginger said...

I LOVE your earrings, so clever and an idea I might have to steal for myself!
The whole outfit is so fun and I love the title of this post!

mackenzie said...

I love your look especially the old gringo boots. Great touch. Never seen anything like those earrings. Very different, I like them!