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Jon, known on Level 10 for his faultless personal style and constant willingness for a chat (not to mention hero status for avoiding security guards and spending the night under a desk in the studio in 2nd year - a feat usually unheard of until at least 3rd year!) is doing a collection based on bondage.  It's a tough call.  People get that strained look on their face when they hear about the inspiration and you just know they're picturing leather strapping, studs and a gimp mask.  Jon has, however, approached this potential cliche with delicacy and created a series of intricate, elegant garments for his 4th year collection, which are as beautiful in their detail as they will be striking on the runway.

jon danni
Jon meets Danni Minogue, MSFW ambassador for 2011.  Photo pinched off his facebook, let me know if you took it fashion kids!

Runway Show 1/2/Exhibition: Runway 1 @ 6:30

Title of Collection (if applicable): I Tie You Up to Let You Fly
Menswear/Womenswear/Mixed: Womenswear
What are some of the inspirations behind this collection? This is my interpretation of fetish wear and it looks at the psychology of BDSM (Bondage/Discipline/Domination/Submission/Sadism/Masochism). More specifically the outer body experience, which is ultimately the goal of engaging in this act. 
What features & techniques should we be looking out for?  Have you tried anything new? A lot of the methods I've applied in this collection are new, including knotting rope with a traditional bondage technique to create garments.  Other features to look out for are the human silhouettes used in panelling and hand dyed silks and ropes.



Favourite garment or look in the collection? The 'Outer Body Dress' (*Note* I'm a bad interviewer & forgot to ask Jon which one this is!  I'll check and let you know…)

How long did it take to make? I honestly lost count of how many days it took. I think I blocked it out because it was a traumatic experience!
Is your style commercial, avant guard or somewhere in between? I have some wearable pieces and some purely made for the catwalk. I like a combo of both. 
Fashion school is a hard slog, what good/bad/ugly moments will you never forget? I'll never forget the endless amounts of fun I've had with the very dear friends I've had the privilege of getting to know over the last four years, the tears and fits of rage at the craziness that is Level 10 but most importantly the uncontrollable laughs we have all shared. I think we have all bonded over this shared trauma.
Photo by Monty Coles from
Favourite designer, icon or person you want to be when you grow up? I honestly admire too many designers to pick just one…plus I think I'm already grown up being over 30!  Well, maybe not too grown up.
Where to after graduation? All I know is that I want to travel and work overseas, maybe London or Italy?  Anywhere really!
Dream job? Wow, dream job would be as an assistant designer to one of the "greats" like Issey Miyake or Rei Kawakubo.

Hit up the MSFW website for details of the RMIT Student Runways and Exhibition!

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