coloured brow tutorial


This is pretty simple but lots of people have asked so here you go!
(Picture heavy...)

My brows are dark brown but not too thick so it works ok without bleaching them, I'm sure you'd get a much stronger result if you did though.  Looking into it, my stylin' friend Sacha has assured me bleached brows are fun anyway!

You need:
Some kind of base for the colour to stick to.  I am using an old white pearlised lipstick that I had lying around, primer or concealer would probably be fine too.
Coloured eyeshadow with a high pigment
Makeup Remover/Cotton Buds

Get a fair amount of the base on your brush

Paint onto your eyebrows, making sure you completely coat the hairs, not just smear over the top

Pick a colour!  I've decided cool tones suit me better.

Paint the colour on.  Be heavy handed, it doesn't matter if you go outside the lines.

Whoa crazy messy green eyebrows!

Time to neaten up.  Soak a cotton bud in makeup remover

and tidy up so you have nice sharp arches.



Misfits Vintage said...

Thank YOU! I love it and can't wait to try this out. Purple first I think!

Sarah xxx

xStroutx said...

I've never even considered this before, what a cool idea! Love it!

Stacy said...

Fun stuff! My eyebrows are pretty much nonexistant because they're so fair. We used to fool around with orange but we'd put it in hair gel on our eyebrows. Yuck!

Sarah J said...

I love these! so stunning!

SachaStrebe said...

you are a babe - def think you could bleach them too! it's a lot of fun! and looks awesome with dark hair, highly recommend... you have great natural shape btw! xx