tom binns diy







I bought this necklace with the intention of Tom Binns-ifying it (my rule of thumb with designer 'inspiration' is if I can afford the original I'll happily support the label, but if it is going to remain 'aspirational' for the forseeable future I have licence to DIY), but then got a bit sucked in by its vintage style charm and left it as is.  I have, however, realised that it's far to shiny to exist in my everyday wardrobe without modification, so I set about making it a bit more wearable.

To say my method was basic would be an understatement - it's just nailpolish slopped on top of the diamantes - but the result is pretty satisfying.  I've been wearing it non stop so can guarantee it'll be in the next outfit post.

necklace - diva
nailpolish - from MSFW giftbag

Ps. The gorgeous Geneva over at A Pair & A Spare is queen of DIY necklaces (and everything else), she's pretty handy with the neon spray paint so I'd definitely recommend checking out her blog if you don't already know it!


Bonnie Friday said...

I can't believe that necklace is from diva!!
What an awesomely simple DIY!
I love the pastel collection, I might just have to make my own with pastel polish.

Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try this out.


Misfits Vintage said...

I approve! At first I was all 'OMG what is she doing with that beautiful vintage necklace' then once I saw it was a diva cheapie, I FELL IN LOVE! What a FABULOUS idea. I NEED ONE!

Sarah xxx

Tara said...

I can't wait to see the necklace in an outfit post! You've inspired me to try it with my own cheapie Diva necklaces!

Stacy said...

Claire - that's wicked. I can tell you're feeling inspired lately! Who/what is your muse?

I was thinking the same thing Misfits Vintage was - whew.

You should sell those, they're perfect gifts for Christmas.

harbourmaster said...

Haha Sarah & Stacy you're not going to like what I'm planning...just bought a few proper vintage sparkles on eBay to try this on! But if they're desperately lovely I promise I won't wreck them ;)

Stacy thankyou, I'm feeling like I've climbed out of the rut a bit...I think it's a combination of warmer weather (fewer layers required, I'm not very good at jackets), getting used to earlier starts and not wanting to look completely boring! I'm still a bit lost though, my style has been very elusive this year!

love-of-late said...

i did this with a mirror! painted my old little girl like pink mirror mate-white! rekindled love!