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Josh Schoolland

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I recently attended the Whitehouse Institute of Design grad show, held at their incredible Melbourne campus in the old mail exchange centre on Bourke St.  Whitehouse, a private design school, has been running for many years in Sydney but is still new in Victoria - I believe the first graduates exited only last year - so there is a certain onus (in the highly competitive world of fashion education) on both staff & students to prove themselves.  I've heard mixed reports about their 'Styling & Creative Direction' course (one might suggest that if you need to be taught how to style perhaps you shouldn't be doing it), but from what I've seen the design course is capable of bringing out the best in young designers who put the hard yards in (not unlike other, perhaps more recognised, design degrees).

Either way, I saw some beautiful, innovative work - Josh Schoolland's impeccable contemporary leather tailoring & Isabelle Heriot's awesome porcupine quill skirt (which I would very much like in my wardrobe) stood out.  Others perhaps needed a bit more thought - a series of sheer dresses were marred as no regard was given to the underwear the models wore, meaning we saw a vast array of g strings that were truly impossible to ignore (interestingly, the chap who designed these was an award recipient - a case of talent blinding common sense, maybe?) & most unfortunately we saw Romance Was Born's crochet-blanket dress resurface...again.  It'll take a few more years to see where their graduates end up, & I wouldn't gush quite as much as founder Leanne Whitehouse likes to do (at length, before the shows), but all in all, I think the institute is finding its feet.

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