la bastard vs la bastard


I've been working on a few side projects lately & this is the result of a particularly fun one  - Melbourne band La Bastard's debut videoclip. As their music combines diverse influences, from surf rock to soul to rockabilly, we pitched them against themselves in a themed band stand off. The two looks needed to be different enough to recognise each version of each band member in a quick shot, so I decided on a 'light' look, 60s surfabilly, & a 'dark' look with a Western feel. The band were great sports & really rolled with the styling ideas (& let's be honest, these particular looks benefitted from full commitment!), I think it turned out splendidly!

La Bastard 'It's not like I'm telling a lie'
Directed by Stuart Simpson
Styled by Claire Mueller
Makeup by Elise Hull / Hair by Jillian Price
Production Assistants Nick Kocsis & Chris Malone

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Andi B. Goode said...

Great work on the styling! They all look great. :)
-Andi x