salvo's styling ON TV!


Salvo's TVC styling 2

Salvo's TVC styling 5

Salvo's TVC styling 3

Salvo's TVC styling 1

Salvo's TVC styling 6

Salvo's TVC styling 4

Salvo's TVC styling 7
Photos by Simmone Marchant

I recently had the pleasure of working with the DGM Advertising team again on another Salvo's Stores project - this time a TV commercial! Although I've spent a fair bit of time on film sets ads are a different thing altogether, and it's pretty incredible to see the level of attention to detail behind every aspect of what may appear to be a simple shot. Being a crew nerd I was most impressed with the lighting rigs, there was a really excellent fake-window-with-blinds one...ANYway.

Three ads were made, focusing on different aspects of the Salvo's Stores - volunteering, donating & shopping - and I was on board to pull together some fun outfits for the 'shopping montage'. It flashes by pretty quickly but luckily have a few snaps that show gorgeous Yumi (who is not only a model but a stylist and designer herself, triple threat!) in some of the gear I found at the Salvos. Thanks heaps to Simmone from DGM for the photos! You can see the other ads on the Salvo's Stores YouTube channel (the 'donate' one is priceless, check the look on the guy's face when he clocks those leather pants. The crew were in stitches, I think perhaps a few of them had their own leather pants back in the day...)

I know most of us are op shop fiends but remember to get good bargain hunting karma by donating to your local charity stores too! It really is a very worthwhile effort AND makes space in the wardrobe for new finds.


MrJeffery said...

so fun! love the yellow bow!

indigorchid said...

Awesome! Good job for landing that gig, and how fun to see your sensibility showing in the outfits!

Dropstitch said...

Awesome work, so super proud of you! Love the styling, the model looks great :)

Anonymous said...

The best part about this is seeing an item of clothing I designed, now at Salvos!

harbourmaster said...

Thanks guys, it was really fun!

Anon - no way, that's awesome! I saw something I donated the other day & was excited enough over that haha. Do you mind me asking which piece?

Erin Z said...

I actually wondered who the stylist and model were when I was watching the ad on youtube! I think it's quite coincidental I came across your blog.

The Mint Palace said...

What an awesome gig!! Congrats!! :D
... reminds me, I really must take that bag of clothes in that I've had sitting around forever... Some good shopping karma wouldn't go astray!! ;)