art feet at the olsen







(We all just need to jump back in time slightly as I forgot that Stu snapped these on my phone before I left Melbourne!)

I had been JUST WAITING for a chance to crack these boots out - ideally I'd like to wear them with floral and spots (AND stripes AND tartan AND some incredible digital photo print) but one's wardrobe does not always oblige - so they adorned my tootsies for an event at The Olsen, one of the very cool Art Series Hotels. Probably good I didn't get my crazy on anyway, as the shopping app being launched was being launched by the lady from Funniest Home Videos (that'll learn me not to know the names of tv celebrities) you can probably imagine the 'fashion' was somewhat limited to 'Now that's what I call a LOGIES frock!', and the app seems to be aimed at people who are unaware of the existence of websites. If she can bolster the state of retail in this country then power to her, but I find it disappointing to see support being thrown at the part of the industry that is repetitively mediocre when there is so much emerging talent that can't get a look in. I should've nabbed the hotel's curator (who was wearing Westwood x Melissa mary janes) for a cheeky tour of the real art!

dress - alpha60
boots - diane von furstenberg
scarf/bag/earrings - vintage
necklace tied over scarf - diy


Fashion Hayley said...

Haha "aimed at people who are unaware of the existence of websites" was totally my thoughts when sent the press release. Wish you were in Melb, I hope your family is fine xxx

StyleOdyssey said...

Looking very lovely Claire! those boots are unreal!!!!

esme and the lane way said...

Fantastic post! Love that you say what you think, we need more of that I think! x

Polly said...

thank you for comment!your blog is very nice!i follow u!

u have amazing boots)really!

Polly with love

Miss Peregrin said...

Those boots are crazy, in the best possible way. I love them, and this outfit!

Cami Palta A.- said...

I think your boots are so AMAZING!!!