DSC04024 match my heart.
It's a good thing Shammy is always happy, 
cos I'm somewhat lost at sea, & finding it hard to be right now.

dress/jumper - willow
bag - alexander wang
sunnies - alpha60
shoes - melissa


Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I love your all black look, there is something so vulnerable and beautiful about it.
Gorgeous little pooch though :)
Gems x
Fashion Well Done

Mica said...

Love your all black outfit! Hope your dog giving you some cuddles makes you feel better! I always smile when my dog comes for a pat :)

thekittenswhiskers said...

Love the all black - very chic!

Laila x

model busana muslim murah said...

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Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

Hope you are okay lovely xoxoxo And love the outfit as usual!

The Mint Palace said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling black babe... I hope the gorgeous pup can cheer you up some!! You two are so camouflaged I had to double take!! ;-) *big hugs* <3

Maevana said...

Doggy is adorable!! and so are you xx

Andi B. Goode said...

1. I love this outfit. 2. I think I feel a little the same though very likely for different reasons. Hope you're OK.
-Andi x

Stacy said...

It's strange to see you in all black but it looks good.
I hope the stormy sea calms so you can see the horizon.

Katrina Labra said...

All black actually looks good on you. I could never pull it off like you do. xxx