a change in scenery



There's change on the wind at the harbour.
I've had to alter my course to help a shipmate in distress, and am spending some time in sunny Perth. It's calm now, but there are rough seas ahead, so please bear with me as I navigate through.

I will endeavour to keep up the blog, but posting may be somewhat erratic (and I'll have to find a new spot for outfit photos!). Leaving 5 years of Melbourne life behind will be, when it sinks in, somewhat disconcerting, but I feel lucky to not only have great friends in WA but a sea of friendly voices online. I look forward to keeping in touch, maties!


Tara said...

I hope everything's okay, my lovely! If you're in Perth for an extended period maybe we can meet properly if you would like some extra company? xx

Christine said...

Hope all goes well :)

Stacy said...

Hang in there Claire.
I'd throw a bunch of motivational quotes at you but instead I'll just say, 'We'll be thinking about you'.
I'll be watching for updates.

The Mint Palace said...

Moving home from Melbourne can be quite interesting and really shows you how much you have grown. Well, this is what happened for me :) I hope everything is ok and I'll be sending lots of positive love your way miss!! Be well :) xx