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Photo by Libby Edwards

Photo by Libby Edwards

Photo by Libby Edwards
Photos by Libby Edwards

In a field, playing animal wrangler, assisting with adorable Perth-made label Peppermint Milk's latest lookbook (and really, what job isn't made extra fun with the addition of baby animals? We named this cheeky blighter Pokey on account of his ears). The shots haven't been publicly released yet but I'll share them as soon as I can!

This outfit was inspired but looking at something in a new light - this top is actually a dress. A present from my gorgeous cousin who saw the print (tiny sailboats!) in a shop window & thought of me (thankyou!), it's a wee bit short for my modesty, but as I'm not really one for tunics I fiddled around to make it work on my shape. I ended up turning the pockets out and tying those in front at the waist, creating a drape which had a bit of of 30's sailorgirl of course went the whole hog with a tasseled headpiece (so seaside appropriate)!

Many thanks to the fabulous Libby Edwards for the snaps, the girl is one of the best photographers I've had the pleasure of working with.

dress-as-top - present
shorts - saba
shoes - melissa
sunnies - alpha60
headpiece - tie off dress, tassel off vintage wall hanging,
vintage necklace & dress clip


Miss Peregrin said...

I love what you've done with the dress - it looks incredible as a top. Wrangling baby animals sure looks like fun!

Natalie Mulford said...

Is that a goat!? So adorable! I love the print on the dress/top, such a great idea of wearing it as a top, it looks great!

harbourmaster said...

Yep baby goat! It was hard to hand him back to the farm.