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I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I find it difficult to find decent everyday underwear (specifically bras). There's a lot of hideous out there. While I can fathom that perhaps someone, somewhere might want a tshirt bra, it ain't me. Nor do I want boost, satin, or god forbid anything maroon. I want comfortable, chuck-in-the-wash bits that still look cute under a white tshirt. I want well made but not constructed like a tank. I want pretty but not so much that it's impractical. And not so pricey that I'm scared to wear it except on special occasions.

Pfffft, I hear you say. Good luck.
Well, maties, I've found it, and in a rather unlikely place.
Cotton On Body (lingerie/swim/activewear spinoff of fast fashion streetwear chain Cotton On, who have also just launched a next-level-up limited edition fashion range which looks quite cool) may be targeted at tweens who want their boobs up around their chins, but if you push past the racks of push up you'll find some very decent soft cup & unpadded bras. The fit is generally excellent (I have had to wear a completely different size in one mesh style but otherwise pretty true), I've had no qualms washing them (in a lingerie bag) in the machine and they're extremely well priced. There's no knowing what you'll find from one week to the next so I generally just pop in & keep an eye out - I'm really hoping for a repeat of an awesome stretch back/front closure longline bra which has been the best thing I've had in my lingerie drawer for ages! Only drawback is that they only go up to about a 14DD so if you're beyond that you won't have much luck, but perhaps now they've saturated the booster market they can spend some time working on other sizes...

Ps. Although I bought some knickers just for the fun of having matching sets I don't really like the shapes Body offers. High waisted for me so I'll be mixing & matching with Hopeless Lingerie's perfect pants!


Miss Peregrin said...

These are actually really cute! I've never paid Cotton On Body much attention before because I don't like that much from Cotton On, but I'll have to check them out next time I'm in Brisbane. Damn small towns.

pip a la chic said...

I work in a Cotton On Mega store with all the brands in one store. Body is very affordable and they have some really cute designs!

Cami Palta A.- said...

thanks for visit my blog.
The underwearclothes are very pretty, and so lady.
For me is difficult to find this kind of clothes because I´m overweight, and sometimes I just find things that probably my grandma wore jajajaja
Well, I hope we're in contact :)
take care!! xxo

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

I love the nude and the fluorescent set is cool, quirky and yet totally wearable.
What a good find - although I have to admit I couldn't live without my multi-way t-shirt bra :)
Gems x

taffetaramblings said...

these are gorgeous - i do love some lace & frills, but they have to still be wearable. underwear shopping is a pain until you find a good brand xxx