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When Mimco issues a challenge (in the form of an engraved perspex key, no less) one rather jumps at the opportunity. Above is the full shoot that accompanies my one-image entry in their Dreamwarp Society styling competition, which called for an interpretation of their new season themes and will send one lucky (and hopefully talented) aspiring stylist off to assist on their next campaign shoot.
*I would dearly love to be the one to get this opportunity, and this requires voting. If you think I've got the goods please click on the widget in the sidebar & vote for me!*

The brief and sub-themes can be viewed on the Mimco Dreamwarp Society site - after throwing ideas around I decided to take elements from each of the sub-themes, working them in to a story that I felt embodied a kind of fashionable Dr. Who, a girl whose dreams breach the walls of reality, allowing her to take inspiration from the corners of space and time. I'm pretty pleased with my flowers-bursting-through-posters background, it's amazing what you can do with spray adhesive and Blutak...

"She runs, one world bursting into another as eras intertwine. Wide-eyed, she takes in smokey Shanghai corners, Sid&Nancy's passion, bright glints in the desert sky & finds herself a chameleon, her style merging into each new if in a dream."

ENOURMOUS thankyou to my wonderful friend Emma who helped pull together the spectacular team (at short notice when I suddenly jumped across the country) from her Perth-based agency All of the Above Creative. Ladies, you were all a pleasure to work with!

Photography: Libby Edwards @ All of the Above Creative
Beauty: Rebecca Joanne @ All of the Above Creative
Model: Rachel @ Scene
Styling: Claire Mueller
Printed swim top by Joanna Henning (who also let me raid her lingerie archive & borrow the What Katie Did bullet bra, thanks Jo!)


Stacy said...

the orange is superb.

harbourmaster said...

I was most impressed the MUA managed to match the eyeliner so perfectly!