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In a period where change is so utterly encompassing, a physical manifestation of it seems appropriate.
I've had laser eye surgery.
Bye bye, specs!

These Paul Taylor cats eye numbers have served me so well, and in truth I'm a bit sad to see them go. I can't tell you how many compliments they received over the four years that I wore them - we were a good match, nearly iconic...BUT, the wondrous world of science offered me a miracle I couldn't resist, and it's pretty darn amazing.


Margot said...

As happy as I am for your newly good-ened eyesight (and, seriously, congrats), I will be sad to see your kick-arse glasses go

Mica said...

Wow big change! Hope you love your new life post-glasses!

The Mint Palace said...

Congratulations honey!! Maybe you can get the lens on the glasses changed so you can still reminisce with them from time to time!! ;) You look beautiful with and without!! xx

Miss Emmi said...

Wow that's got to be a big change! I've had glasses nearly all my life, I don't know if I could get surgery because I'd feel so strange without them!

Laura said...

You have a lovely blog with so many inspiring posts! Thanks for sharing, would you like to follow each other?

Miss Peregrin said...

Wow, that's so exciting! What a big change! Like The Mint Palace said, maybe you can get the lens changed so you can still wear the glasses sometimes?