go-go furne one


Perth Fashion Week

Furne One Perth Fashion Week 551

Furne One Perth Fashion Week 064

Furne One Perth Fashion Week 363

Perth Fashion Week

Furne One Perth Fashion Week 308
All photos by Emma Bergmeier for Dropstitch

Frocked up for the pretty spectacular Furne One show at SFPFW (photos & review to follow).

Living out of a suitcase is forcing me to mix things up so as not to outfit repeat every. Single. Day. Going for a bit of a 60's/tribal/techno vibe...or something.

tee/dress - willow
boots - diane von furstenburg
earrings - a present
clutch - retro
lipstick - limecrime d'lilac


Meet Me On The Streets said...

It's like 60s mod meets semi-futuristic look! Less than three

Mica said...

Love your mix of prints, I think this is a fab outfit :) really like the pics from the show too :)


Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Girl you are looking fantastic, I love the clashing prints - you're rocking it!

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Stacey said...

I think you nailed the look! I am still flipping my shit over those amazing boots.