pastel contemplation at PFW


Perth Fashion Week launch 022

Perth Fashion Week launch 014

Perth Fashion Week launch 019

Perth Fashion Week launch 015

Perth Fashion Week launch 033
Photos of me by Emma Bergmeier, photo of us (where I am grinning like a CREEPO) by Bonnie Friday

When one is excited by fashion - individual garments, designers' concepts season to season, the way people dress - one generally has an insatiable thirst for it. Eyes peeled, we hunt and collect, noting a silhouette or heel shape or layering method and storing it in our mental sketchbooks to source from when the time is right, hoarding until the right set of ideas click into place and express exactly what we want to at any given moment. This outfit is a culmination of visual references, and reminds me precisely why I love the cycle of fashion.

This coat is a tangible idea I've hoarded - it's a beautiful thing, handmade with love, the pride and joy of my vintage collection - yet I'd never found a way to work it in to my real world wardrobe...until Prada SS2012  gave us 50's sweetness with slightly awkward, oversized outwear. Pastel perfection with not-quite-complementary colours jolting the mood from reminiscent to reinterpreted. Midriffs that, in my opinion, were done better at Dolce & Gabbana that season, where structure added sauciness, and a cacophony of print and jewel managed to look equal parts eccentric and refined. I can't pretend I've got that balance quite right myself, but the inspiration struck, the pieces fit, I looked at the coat in a new light.

Unfortunately the function I wore it to was somewhat less inspired. A fashion launch, but with no discernible fashion? As the first night of the first-ever Perth Fashion Week one might've expected a bang, but there was only a whimper. Of speeches. I'll withhold judgement until I've seen what else they have to offer...but as they're pegging themselves as in 'international industry event' they'd want to be amping it up pretty majorly. Here's to (hopefully) seeing samples on models tomorrow!

Not a complete loss though, much fun was had (as always) with my dear chum Emma Bergmeier (with excellent pastel blue bob), and I met the lovely Bonnie Friday (who was seriously rockin' a faux fur cape). If nothing else, I know I can count on these two for outfit inspiration this week.

coat/skirt/bag/earrings/rings - vintage
top (actually a swim top) - isola by megan gale
shoes - westwood x melissa


Mica said...

That is a beautiful coat, I'm glad you had an occasion to wear it, even if it wasn't as exciting an event as you hoped!

christa said...

fingers crossed pfw get's it's fashion on!
that blue hair makes me want blue hair.
also, i loooove that you're wearing a swim top. love.

Stacy said...

Look at the buttons - sew those babies on tight!
Congrats on the laser eye surgery too!

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Loving that coat, the collar is superb girl. And those shoes with that bag - I'm in accessories heaven.

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

StyleOdyssey said...

Claire~ You look AmaZinngg!