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PFW New Gen Show

PFW New Gen Show

PFW New Gen Show

PFW New Gen Show
Photos by Emma Bergmeier thankyouuuu!

Slightly delayed, but this was Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week day two: New Gen and RTW group shows in the morning, then individual shows from Garth Cook and Kitty Grace. The New Gen show was a far more commercial offering than I'd expected, with resort focused collections that were pretty, but not really my dish. Mega boring styling didn't help (let's move beyond nude pumps, please, stylists!). Highlights were a royal blue leather shift dress and printed shirts from Jonté, and a (what I suspect was accidental because the other pieces were far from) simple, elegant drop-waisted 20s style gown from  Talweez K. Sengehera. My reviews of the individual shows will be up at presently so I'll let you pop over there if you want to read them!

The festival (event? week? 5 days?) as a whole has left me with mixed feelings. Overall, the designers were great. Overall, the hair & makeup was great. The lighting was good. The runway (an upsidown, floor level U with a schmick warehouse feel) was excellent. But there was confusion about what the people behind it were trying to achieve, and how they went about achieving it. The spin says it was an industry event - the reality is there were very few buyers or media in the room. While the runway was striking the other spaces were soulless and killed any chance of pre-show hype. The promotional campaign was incredible (shot up in the Kimberly, showing off some of WA's unique & captivating landscape) but it was barely utilised. The PR team were overwhelmed and it showed (though by what I'm not sure, as they didn't seem to be doing much PR). There was no management backstage. There were no programs...the list goes on.

It may seem like I'm picking, but it wasn't these things in themselves that hung a cloud over SFPFW - it was the sense of pretence that hovered, despite so much being amateurish. I suspect that, for all their good intentions, the people at the helm didn't really know what they were doing, but were too self assured to ask for help. Or perhaps they just didn't know how to spend their money and realised half way through they'd forgotten to hire someone to run the show. Whatever the reason, the focus - which should have been making the most of WA's designers, creatives & fashion industry - was lost, which is a damn shame.

SFPFW, you got a long way to go, baby.

shirt - an ode to no one
singlet (underneath) - bassike
skirt/earrings - vintage
shoes - zomp
bag - alexander wang
sunnies - alpha60

PS. You can read my runway review of the Kitty Grace show on now!


Mica said...

shame that the event wasn't as good as it could have been! Hopefully they learn for next year :)

Really like your classic black and white outfit in this post :)

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Absolutely adore the shoes - that is some serious foot candy right there.
You are looking as beautiful as ever - I could definitely go all Single White Female and steal your whole style :)
Gems x