(photo heavy print perfection)


vogue scan 1

vogue scan 2

vogue scan 3

vogue scan 4

vogue scan 5

vogue scan 6

vogue scan 7

vogue scan 8

vogue scan 9

vogue scan 10

Tabitha Simmons (styling) & Peter Lindbergh (photography) for Vogue.

This is clever. This is attitude. This is how I want to dress right now.
From the yeah-whatever greaser hair to the contemporary silhouettes saturated with print, this makes me go wow because it's a new way of thinking,
and THAT'S what I love about fashion.

Which leads me to something I've had a lot of time to ponder lately.

We as a society have shot the fashion industry in the foot. We want too much, too often, too easily, so it's dancing around faster & faster, and pretty soon it'll bleed out.
There is no more room for rehashing. No more room for things that already exist.
We need to learn to not to clap for something we've seen a million times before, that will sit in a million chain stores, be worn twice by a million girls then discarded for the million-and-onth version.
I'm not sure how we fix it - there are so many aspects, so many angles at play.
But it's something we need to think about.


Miss Emmi said...

Oh gosh I feel exactly the same way. Even if my own particular style is very set, I appreciate fashion-as-art and love to see new, inventive styles. It just kills me to see the same trends over and over and fawned about as if they are something new and astounding.
I think you would look absolutely fabulous dressed like the ladies above! My only regret is that you won't be in melbourne to splash around your colourful b'dass self because it is almost winter here and by god I need something other than black in my visual field.

Mica said...

Love all those pictures, amazing prints! That blue maxi skirt is my favourite :)

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

Agreed. And as someone in 'the industry' (well sort of) its a battle I struggle with daily. I constantly dream of impractical pieces of art, explorations of ideas.... but at the end of the day I need to sell things... so wearable usually wins...