in ghost colours





Although I've been (only half-jokingly) referring to myself as a 'lady of leisure' of late I seem to have no trouble filling my days, and in between sorting out the house and reacquainting myself with Perth (not to mention taking up ballet, and freelancing, and getting a puppy, and social obligations) poor bloggy has been rather pushed by the wayside. Bear with me, maties, the wind is sure to pick up soon!

I wore this to my dear friend Emma's engagement soiree last weekend - bound to be the most stylish wedding on the calendar next year, many congratulations to her & Tom!

dress - retro country road
jacket - made by me
hat/clutch - vintage
belt - willow
shoes - vw x melissa


Mica said...

congrats to your friend on her engagement!

I really like the polka dots against the yellow, beautiful.

xStroutx said...

I am LOVING that hat! so cool.

Stacy said...

First thing that caught my eye - your smokin jacket! I hope you're still designing/sewing now that you've finished with school.

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

That hat is fabulous on you!
Gems x

Fashion, Well Done