rock the ballet




I've always loved ballet. At WAAPA I found the most interesting shows to work on were the classical dance pieces. I'm mesmerised by pointe shoes. Tulle is my favourite fabric. But beyond the whimsy is a true admiration of the craft - the discipline required to master technique, the strength necessary to look so effortlessly graceful.

I danced when I was younger (never especially well, but relatively enthusiastically), covering ground from jazz to highland (and yes I DID rock that kilt) - but never ballet, so, inspired by the very awesome Michelle from Kingdom of Style and my friend Jo who (as well as being an incredible designer and qualified lawyer) used to skateboard to her ballet training (what a champ!), I found a (complete) beginners adult ballet class and got started.

I am, of course, at the lowest level possible, but it has been a welcome focus at a point where I've desperately needed some structure in my life (with the bonus of a cute uniform!), and I seem to be improving. Highly recommended.

jacket - op shop
jumper - dion lee x cue
boots - acne
sunnies - colony x alice euphemia
leotard - mirabella
skirt - ? Need to check that one!
pumps - bloch


Mica said...

Love this ballet "uniform"! Sounds like a really fun thing to try :)

xStroutx said...

Those sunnies are amazing! I admire you for taking up ballet, a lot of my cousins are very into it and it's always seemed like it requires an awful lot of discipline

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Good on you taking up ballet, I always wished I could be a dancer, but insane clumsiness makes it an impossibility - it would end up being like a comedy sketch.
You're giving me sunglasses envy again!

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Sammi said...

I've been reading though your blog and it is fantastic!
Both your personal style and those wonderful windows at Elle - a lovely view on my way to university.
I understand I am commenting on a blog post +6 months back but what ballet course did you begin? I'm rather interested.
If you reply, a kind thank you

harbourmaster said...

Hi Sammi. Thankyou, terribly kind of you! I'm doing ballet at The Dance Workshop in North Perth - I started out doing an absolute beginners class, and am currently doing both a beginners & a pre-point class weekly. This particular school is only for adult dancers which is partly why I chose it (didn't particularly fancy having super flexible 12yr olds in my face scoffing at my inability!), I find it's a good balance of structure & fun.

Sammi said...

Thank you! I've been searching for good adult classes so maybe I'll pop in for a casual class one of these weeks. I'd also rather not be competing with prepubescents!