This is my favourite vintage dress (do I say that all the time? I suspect I do, I should probably categorise better)...it is, at least, my favourite 50s day dress. Good shape, good floral, good condition, good for family type occasions where one wants to look more like a lady and less like a creepo (which I have pretty much neutralised by wearing squid earrings but not to worry).

dress/clutch - vintage
boots - acne
belt - willow
earrings - made by me (watch this space, get endless comments on them so will have some available in the not-too-distant!)


Dropstitch said...

Love this frock! The print is perfect! I suspect you will be wearing something like this at ye olde wedding :D

Mica said...

Definitely want to see more of those earrings! :)

Beautiful dress, I love the shape and print.

The Mint Palace said...

It's almost as gorgeous as you!! ;-) hehe... It looks fabulous on you babe!! xoxo

Stacey said...

Gorgeous dress! You know, I think the earrings really set it off nicely.

Anonymous said...

Do u sell those earrings? They're gorgeous!

harbourmaster said...

Anon - yes in theory! Just sorting out packaging & all that jazz...watch this space.