i spy diy - MINKPINK suped up slashers


MINKPINK slashies 1

MINKPINK slashies 2

MINKPINK slashies 3

MINKPINK slashies 4

MINKPINK slashies 5

Slasher Shorts Press Release Graphics

I have warned you: Perth + summer = short shorts, 
so when MINKPINK asked if I wanted to customise some of their slasher bum-skimmers I pretty much thought 'can't beat 'em...join 'em!' (plus I DO enjoy a bit of DIY).

I've gone for pebble beading in white, which I think looks quite cute with a little Totomoto starfish earring pinned on, and leaves room for more flotsam & jetsam as I see fit along the way (I have an absurd number of vintage anchor brooches which would make a nice pastiche on the denim, though I probably need to lose 5kg and 5 years to be able to get away with these in public - something to aim for in ballet class!). Something to be noted, DIYers - don't sew lumpy things on the back, or it'll be rather uncomfortable when you sit down. Things to consider, seriously!

Should you wish to work your own magic there is a competition on the MINKPINK facebook page ($1000 worth of their clothes up for grabs which is certainly not to be sniffed at). I expect the winner to be from either WA or QLD...Melbournites, you're excused, we all know you don't like summer.

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Mica said...

Oh cute! I like the beads and the starfish on these! Great personalisation :)