PFF re-stylin'


Bonnie Friday resized
Bonnie from Bonnie Friday

RESTYLE cropped

Gin in a Teacup
Tara from Gin in a Teacup
Photos by the lovely&talented Penny Lane

Excited to see two of my favourite Perthie bloggers involved in Perth Fashion Festival's '30 Days of Restyle' project, which challenges 11 lasses from 10 blogs to buy nothing new in August and share their secondhand/salvaged/reinvented wardrobe style. I know Bonnie & Tara are pretty good at getting their op-shop on so am looking forward to some great outfits!


Tara said...

Oh this was such a lovely surprise! Thank you for the shout-out! xx

Mica said...

Oh I like the buy nothing new challenge! I haven't made it through a whole month yet, but it's fun to try :)

Great initiative :)

Bonnie Friday said...

Awww ditto on the lovely surprise! Thanks Claire! xx