see-through schmick







Outfit for VERY IMPORTANT ERRANDS - including new drivers license photo. I'm sure it'll be just as hideous as the last one but hopefully won't induce snickering every time I get my ID can only hope.

jacket/belt - willow
t - gorman
jeans - levis
boots - acne
sunnies - alpha60
gunmetal rings - estelle deve
thin rings - vintage
clutch - christopher kane (quite seriously in awe of the man, whataguy)


Mica said...

Love your boots, and what a fun clutch!

Hope your drivers license photo turned out well - as well as they can really!

Unknown said...
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Lady Melbourne said...

Love the photos, love the sunlight, love the bag, love it all really!

Granthrax said...

YAY! Awesome fun! That clutch is great - I hope you're thrilled with your selection :)

Loving the ensemble too, of course.

One day we should compare awful license photos - I'm fairly certain my circa 2003 "I just turned 18 and yet look like a Junkie" photo would win :P

xStroutx said...

Awww you look very stylish - and this clutch is super awesome. I bet your license photo is better than mine... I don't even look like me