she's a dreamer


she's a dreamer 1

she's a dreamer 2

she's a dreamer 3

she's a dreamer 4

she's a dreamer 5

she's a dreamer 6

she's a dreamer 7

she's a dreamer 8

she's a dreamer 9

Something a bit different for me - exercising restraint for a Barrymore-next-door 90s flower child vibe. The opportunity to work with creatives who are so incredibly skilled at their crafts (Caitlin sees light like no one else, Bec's amazing hombre lip gave us a perfect contemporary edge & Lauren is a serious Crawford-esque babe) is both an inspiration and a pleasure.

Model - Lauren Haynes
Beauty - Rebecca Joanne
Styling - Claire Mueller


Mica said...

Beautiful photos! Great styling too :)

I really like that 5th phto, it's stunning with the beaded top and the use of light. Really nice :)

Dropstitch said...

Love the daisies in the laces!

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

I love this Claire!! The styling is awesome!! well done!!


Stacey said...

These photographs are absolutely amazing! I love the 90's vibe, and I'm blown away by the lighting.

Granthrax said...

Really really great work darling - love what you've done here :) As a child of the 90s this really speaks to me.