somewhat obnoxious




neon leopard sketch



I can't help but feel like a bit of a twat when I'm this matchy-matchy (as in my mind my outfit is smugly shouting 'Hey everyone! All my hardware is gold! My top and bag are THE SAME. Mad coordination skillzzzzzz!'), but I'm also sure no one actually notices/cares, so off I trot happily about my day, safe in the knowledge that my earring matches the clasp on my belt. (Seriously, this makes me enormously glad. #twat)

On a less self-obsessed note, I am sporting a stylish pressure bandage as had just given blood, which is something that, if you are fit and able, I implore you to do. Australia needs 27,000 donations every week to keep up with the many needs for blood and blood products, and it really isn't a huge effort to give an hour and 500mL every few months. Have a squiz at the Red Cross blood service website to find your nearest donation centre.

You even get a bonus outfit sketch in this post from when I was waiting in reception at the blood bank!

t - alternative apparel, customised
clutch - op shop, customised
skirt - jens laugesen
jacket/belt - op shop
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony
shoes - melissa


j. said...

Your sunglasses are perfect!

Esz said...

I'm very much an advocate of the obnoxiously matchy match so your outfit is all kinds of win for me!

Cool sketch!! AND giving blood is awesome - I do it regularly too. I swear it makes you healthier, having your body make all that you lost again.

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

Awesome outfit - I've drooled over your customised tee and bag before!
Serious skills!

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Mica said...

Great sketch, you're very talented! I love this outfit, as I've said before I really adore your customised neon leopard pieces! That clutch is just fantastic :)

Very true about the need to give blood too, shame more people don't do it.

Stacey said...

I love obnoxiously matchy-matchy! I love making sure my hardware matches & all that, so this outfit is pretty much heaven for me. I love the custom t-shirt & clutch!

Granthrax said...

I fully endorse being a matchy-matchy Twat; especially when the results are this good. Seriously - loving everything about this ensemble, and loving the sketch too! Yours?

I feel bad ebing unable to donate Blood, but having tattoos, being gay, and being terrified of needles sort of rules me out on three counts :S