Admission: I'm prone to a bit of fashion snobbery.

I'm not going to judge anyone by the labels on their clothes, I'm not going to demonise anyone's style (we're all entitled to have different tastes - unless your taste is Litas with leggings, then you're dead to me), I'm not going to saunter into a construction site and expect anyone to have coordinated their fluoro socks with their fluoro polo shirts - but if you work in fashion I will absolutely judge you by how you dress. Not WHAT you dress in (if you can rock trackpants and a teatowel more power to you), but the way you present to the world. If you love fashion, SHOW ME.

In an age with relatively few social dresscodes we can reference rules from the past (Grant discusses the magic of matching cufflink with tie clip here) or throw them out the bloody window (like the late, very great, Anna Piaggi). Either way, dressing with purpose for every day is an action to take pride in, a pleasure and, for those of us to profess to have some authority in the matter, somewhat of a responsibility.

How did I get on to this slightly-preachy tact? I styled an editorial this week, which meant picking up stock from a number of designers I hadn't met before, and I'm always conscious that if I'm asking people to trust me to make their wares look schmick, I should demonstrate that I can make myself look schmick. Photoshoot day itself is another matter - that's all about jeans & practicality...but it befits the occasion, which is the aim of the game.

top - zara
skirt (actually a dress) - camilla&marc
boots - acne
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony
necklace - triskaidekaphobia
clutch - vintage
rings - toby jones/vintage/estelle deve


Mica said...

I absolutely love that dress worn as a skirt! Such a nice print and it pairs so well with the tee!

I'm always amazed by what people who work in fashion wear in their day jobs - more exciting than 9 to 5 office wear! I'm lucky my workplace has a fairly relaxed dress code, but I still wear what I think to be pretty humdrum outfits compared to some people.

Stacey said...

You are just way too cool! I adore your style so much, and this outfit is amazing. I actually wish I had more freedom to be "fashionable" in my workplace.