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Perthies will know I'm a Mt. Lawley girl through-and-through, so it is with great pleasure that I have taken on the role of fashion blogger for the Beaufort Street Network (should we make it official? Go on then, I like titles. Official Fashion Blogger for the Beaufort Street Network), a collective that spruiks and supports the merits of the local high street. The newly launched website is a bit sparse at the moment, but you can see my first post here - expect more on local style and finds from independent retailers from me, as well as food and entertainment focused posts from other enthusiastic Beaufort Street loiterers.

No doubt I'll have plenty of opportunity to reminisce about my many&varied Beaufort St experiences - student nights at The Scotsman..my first retail job at Jack Clothing..Sunday sessions at The Scotsman..working at the (old) Globe cafe & climbing onto the roof of the Astor when we'd closed for the night..seeing mates bands at The Scotsman..cheeky swims in the Perth College pool in the dead of night...and various other teenage hoodlumry that I won't be repeating (but enjoyed at the time)! My rather more mature self will be appreciating the fact that WA's liquor licensing laws now allow us to have excellent little bars, and that there are some fantastic boutiques on the strip.

Many thanks to my obliging (& I'm sure you'll agree very good looking) friends for posing patiently while I fumbled around with camera settings and tried to avoid tripping over pedestrians (yehhh haven't done street style for a while) while taking their photos.

Maeve wears dress & jacket from Billie&Rose

Anton wears shirt & jumper from Ruck Rover


Ginger said...

I love this! I am a local loiterer and have the sticker to prove it. We bought a ridiculous money pit deco apartment on Beaufort Street just so we live in the heart of it, and our life consists of The Scotto and Cantina and Billie & Rose and Provies and Lincolns. More than any of these things, I love the sense of community on Beaufort Street. I know my barista, the floor staff, the guy who pours my wine, my newsagent lets my cuddle his dog, and I can't walk up to Planet without running to at least three people I know.

Amy Alexandra said...

Obviously missed the point of the post, but oh gawd I want Bosun. So cute it hurts my heart.

Mica said...

Congrats on your new title! :)

The street sounds like a lot of fun and your friends are very stylish. the jumper matching the adorable dog is just too cute!

harbourmaster said...

Ginger - you are living the life! Deco apartment sounds pretty fantastic, just think of the investment...I must admit that I don't know who/what Lincolns is?? Enlighten me!

Stacy said...

Congrats Claire! Looking forward to updates. The stars are really aligning for you as of late!