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Post the great laser-eye-surgery event of 2012 two major changes have occurred in my wardrobe. The first is blindingly obvious – I can, nee, MUST (to protect my delicate peepers) wear sunnies, and I now have the freedom to choose styles I actually like, rather than be stuck with the only frames that would fit my old coke-bottle prescription. The second is somewhat ancillary, unexpected even – I’ve taken up running. And none of this shuffle-around-the-park-with-my-iPod, breeze-in-my-perfectly-straightened-hair jogging business. Proper, sweaty, music-free, purist running. And it’s bloody brilliant, but presents somewhat of a fashion dilemma. Purist runners are hardly fussed about how they look, but let’s face it – I’m vain enough to take photos of myself & put them on the internet, I can’t switch off that easily. So I’ve allowed myself a practical concession – nice specs – and the good people at VisionDirect.com.au kitted me out with some Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which I think fit the bill perfectly. Light, sturdy, don’t slip down my nose when I’m pounding the pavement, & great for pretending I’ve escaped from Bladerunner via a British council housing estate (although saying that, 90% of this is my legit running gear...I just don't wear it all at once. With heels).

sunnies – ray-bans c/o visiondirect.com.au
crop top/tights – cotton on body
sportsbra – kmart
shorts – skins
spray jacket – vintage
heels – melissa
ring – toby jones
earring – diva


indigorchid said...

Fab! I've taken up running too, but I don't look nearly as stylish! ;)

xStroutx said...

I admire you for the running, I've gotten really into exercise... but I just can't do running. You're looking fab!

Granthrax said...

I go through phases of being like "Hey, fatty! Time to get back into exercise!" I spend a bunch of money on a gym membership and on exercise clothes... and I keep it up for a month, tops.

I'm glad to hear you're having decidedly more success, and kicking arse while you're at it :P


Miss Emmi said...

love it! You look so futuristic. I love running but by the time I get home it is pitch black and there are no street lights where I live so I don't feel comfortable. I go to a gym class once a week but I wish I could do more! More posts on fashionable sportswear please!

Jenny Nguyen said...

LOL this is great it made me laugh, I've recently joined the gym...it doesn't open until September which gives me time to mentally prepare myself hahaha

Claire, do you think you'd mind terribly providing a few suggestions for places to buy some of the amazing things you feature in your blog?

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We'd, of course, source you as the creator and we can link back to your blog when the app launches.

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