dark tropical floral

dark tropical floral

dark tropical floral

dark tropical floral

dark tropical floral

I am LOATHE to admit it, but this outfit seems to subscribe to the Rachel Zoe school of thought (leather jacket, maxi dress, enormous sunnies, boho sandals). Ew. I hate that I even know enough about her have made an involuntary reference, but I will console myself in the fact that there is naught a ruffle to be seen and I'm not sporting any faux-tribal jewellery.

This dress is from the op-shop of Mum, she saved it for me from the 80's and thoughtfully cracked it out now as she noticed similar prints around. Thanks Mum! I am wearing it backwards for a bit of an 80s-does-30s silhouette. Although I'm generally not a fan of long skirts (on me, anyway - mortal fear of looking like a hippy - the only acceptable form of which, in my books, is Neil from The Young Ones. 'Flares are coming back in, I read it in my horoscope!') I quite like the proportion on this one, and the dark tropical floral print & clean lines keep it the right side of schmick.

jacket - willow
dress - retro
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony
sandals - zimmermann
clutch - christopher kane
earrings - made by me


Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

I wish I could get away with long skirts/dresses - but curvy/short frame just does not work with that length.

This looks awesome on you though! You should def invest in some more in this silhouette!

Stacey said...

I think this style of maxi works well with your aesthetic - it definitely doesn't make me think "hippy". Love the print, and your styling.

Mica said...

I think you look great in that dress! Love the print :)

Dropstitch said...

I love this! And I bet you'll get heaps of wear out of it in summer.

cecylia said...

LOVE your DIY earrings!!I made these: http://cecylia.com/2011/08/basil-the-cat-furry-and-fat/ :)