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Definitely pushing my comfort zone with this outfit, but that's the fun of dressing isn't it?
Oh man - if you'd seen me a few years ago (oh wait! You can...I conveniently haven't tagged anything more than a year or so old but should you feel the need you can trawl through some of my more ridiculous oh-the-innocence-of-youth getups [the REALLY ridiculous ones were pre-bloggy so those LOLs are reserved for those who knew me in my WAAPA days...not that I regret a single tutu or permanent marker graffitied tshirt, it was age appropriate self expression]) you'd be surprised to find me in anything other than a full-skirted 50s style with a super nipped waist, but as running and ballet change my body I am slowly finding the confidence to wear things that are less form fitting, less obvious. This may seem like I've got it backwards (err..Cap'n, surely being more confident equates to wearing more slut dresses short&tight things?) but when for a long time you felt that having a waist was the only thing you had going for you, it takes a leap of faith to leave it relatively undefined (not that I have, entirely...in my head I pictured the jumper untucked, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Next time, perhaps?).

jumper - cotton on
skirt - salvos
necklace - corky st clair
rings - toby jones/vintage/estelle deve
bag - furla
boots - acne
single heart earring (if you have eagle eyes you may have noticed I only ever wear one, and have gold, silver & black versions, this particular one was a present)
watch (never credit it as I wear it every day, but it seems more obvious against the silver..old faithful 21st present from my folks) - citizen


Stacy said...

Very nice. I know how you feel about comfort zone. There's nothing worse than wearing an outfit out for the first time that you're not 100% sure of.
btw Your hair looks really good styled like that.

Mica said...

I really like this outfit on you! It makes you look so tall! And of course I love the metallic jumper.

Granthrax said...

I've got to say, I really love it. Playing the different textures off one another, the white/silver colours, and that ridiculously cute heart necklace - ZOMFG!

I don't know that I have a comfort zone with clothing - I pretty much always feel like an over-stuffed sausage. I do love my Jeans though, and basically live in them. Jeans are probably my comfort zone...


Tygenco said...

You look fantastic :)

The skirt looks like it's a wrap-skirt of sorts. Am mildly envious that I cannot wear something so simple and comfy.

In terms of dance shaping and changing the body, I know what you mean. I'm taking bellydancing, and even though I'm only a beginner, I can already feel that there's a change going on--most likely a subtle one as far as everyone else is concerned.

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

I know exactly what you are talking about - especially the whole waist thing being the one feature you always feel like you need to highlight.

I'm 2 weeks into 6am exercise sessions and I cannot WAIT to dress less form-fittingly, and wear silhouettes other than Dior New Look.

This outfit is awesome - I love that you have been going outside your comfort zone lately - please keep doing it!