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Photos by Emma Bergmeier for Dropstitch

I think we can all agree that I've been fairly sartorially sensible of late. Clean lines, unobtrusive silhouettes, simple (*ehem* lacking) hair& thought I'd gotten boring, hadn't you?
Well HOLD BACK THERE maties, because it's student-runway-at-fashion-week time, and there's no better occasion to crack out the crazy. How many opportunities does one really have to wear an America's Cup motif-ed kimono in everyday life? (actually, if this belonged to me I'd make time to wear it ALL THE TIME since it's pretty much the best thing ever - but it lives, along with the sheer camo dress with the crotch high split [super practical for blending in whilst protesting old growth logging], in the archive of legendary local designer Liz Davenport. Thanks for letting me wear them Liz, hope I didn't cause you too much of a conniption!)

I feel that this outfit has a certain synergy with where I am in life right now - pretty much back where I started, on the surface somewhat ridiculous, but when one analyses it sortof makes sense, definitely has a more mature outlook and makes me happy. (Ew, ok, enough of sounding like a self help book. I love these shoes, & need to invest in some foundation for when I decide to dress as a techno geisha).

dress/kimono - vintage liz davenport
bra - von follies by dita for target
clutch - vintage
earrings - capn mueller
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony
heels - miu miu


Stacey said...

Amazing! I love your techno-geisha look & that camo dress is divine.

Mica said...

Wow! Such a unique look, love the dress, the kimono is so different, and the shoes! So in love with the shoes. You look fantastic :)

xStroutx said...

Ha! This is awesome. I love a look that has a touch of theatrics to it, and those shoes are still incredible