i spy photoshoot


I SPY silver flatlay

I SPY silver model
Lanvin crystal choker and Tom Binns crystal necklace, earrings & cuff from Elle Boutique
I SPY desert flatlay
Desert rock rings, cuff, neckpiece & harness by Totomoto Australia
I SPY orient flatlay

I SPY orient model
Teardrop necklaces, gold cuff & crochet necklace by Sophie Kyron and earrings, rings & flower pendants by Pigeonhole

I SPY squid flatlay

I SPY squid model
Squid earrings by yours truly (and I know I keep saying it but watch this space!)

I SPY africa flatlay

I SPY africa model
Bjorg horsehair necklaces, beaded & bakelite necklaces from Behind the Monkey

“I spy tentacles, stripey ears, a flash of quartz and jewels like tears. I spy a teapot, a tribal spirit, I spy evidence the butler did it.”

I'm not one of those people who can pinpoint my first fashion memory - my pivotal scribble wasn't a Dior dress, I wasn't a stylish six year old - but certain things piqued my interest at an early age and continue to engage it. Walter Wick's still life photographic work is one of those things. If you were a child of the 90s you may remember a series of books based around the concept of the game of 'I Spy' (and, indeed, entitled so) with artfully constructed photographs of everyday objects brought into a whole new light. Eschewing the ease of digital manipulation to explore the magic of optical illusion, Wick would build whole worlds to illustrate his imagination, each page accompanied by a rhyme hinting at particulars to look out for. The craftsmanship and patience involved in Wick's work is spectacular - more so because it isn't immediately evident. Definitely not just for kids, his overall vision inspired this jewellery editorial.

I SPY as published on fashionising.com

Many thanks to my crack team!
Photography: Cameron Etchells
Makeup: Sam Enticknap
Nails: Vikki Aldridge
Model: Sheldean @ Scene
Concept/Styling: Claire Mueller


morganvsmorgan said...

Such pretty pictures! I'm particularly interested in lining the waterline a bright blue -never even thought of that before!

indigorchid@gmail.com said...

Man, you're good!

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

Your product styling is AMAZING Claire, love love love!!! That one with the sand is my favourite

Mica said...

These are beautiful photos! Love the way you've laid out all of the pieces! :)