miu miu for martinis


Miu Miu & martinis

Miu Miu & martinis

Miu Miu & martinis

Miu Miu & martinis

Miu Miu & martinis

Miu Miu & martinis

First things first: if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this coming (I did get bit overexcited and spam glitter for a day, sorry maties!) - HELLO amazing Miu Miu wedges! I am, like a magpie, shamelessly attracted by shiny things, and when it comes to glitter Miu Miu really is the one and only. These shoes are sensational. Their quality is exemplary, they make me smile when I put them on, they catch eyes. In other words, they have 'it', that magical design value that transforms mere object of function into thing of beauty (yes, blinding silver heels are a rather more ostentatious representation of design value than say, a perfectly cut shirt, but the theory remains the same).

It needs to be said that these definitely fall into the aspirational category of my wardrobe - I absolutely believe in spending money on quality, but big ticket purchases come under cost-per-wear scrutiny. As much as I love these and am sure will wear them for years to come my current lifestyle couldn't possibly justify them at full price. I ooh-ed & ahh-ed over them (and the just-as-incredible stingray version) online, but time & time again, even on sale, practicality in the form of jeans or petrol won out. BUT, my friends, I live in hope and stalk eBay like a fiend, and, clearly, luck was on my side as I am now the proud owner of impeccable, ridiculous 4-inch sparkly heels.

The dress is also on its first outing (on me) - another beautiful and somewhat impractical thing, but I find it far less difficult to justify vintage. While there will always be more incredible shoes, it is rare to find perfect as-if-it-were-made-for-you vintage these days, and one must strike while the proverbial iron is hot. I NEARLY didn't take this white 50s number (as I'm not planning to get married any time soon and I couldn't picture too many other occasions for it) but really. REALLY. It's an amazing piece and I'm glad I did - it wasn't even that hard to find somewhere to wear it.

dress - vintage
heels - miu miu
rings - toby jones/vintage/estelle deve


Esz said...

WICKED outfit! I am so in love with your shoes! I don't currently own anything designer like that but hope to one day. Such purchases being really far out of the ballpark hehe - eBay IS magic though.
I'm quite a fan of Dsquared boots right now and was eyeing off a pair on Yoox - but $700 for shoes I will likely only wear riding......
BUT - they would be so hot haha, and the boyfriend would love it.

The dress is awesome too - vintage IS easier to justify - because it so often is really one of a kind. And I consider it our duty to buy and preserve these items - museum pieces really. ;-)

Stacy said...

You can wear 50s/early 60s vintage so well- take advantage of it! Simply gorgeous. I'm attracted to sparkles too - which was ok in my younger days - now I just look like a gypsy fortune teller when I wear it.

xStroutx said...

My inner magpie is VERY excited by those shoes! Great ebay find :)