papermate pop colour


Papermate flatlay

Papermate flatlay

Papermate flatlay

Papermate flatlay

As a note-taker (and note LEAVER, anyone who has ever worked/cohabited with me can attest that I am a fiend for a post-it), sketcher and general fidgety doodler I am rarely without a sketchbook and pen, and am a sucker for coordinating colours so Papermate's new Inkjoy pens are right up my alley. I have a rainbow of pop colour to give away, so if your summer stationary is in need of an update leave a comment (with a way for me to contact you) telling me what your draw when you mindlessly scribble (I do anchors, & tattoo-style hearts with scrolls, & waves. Theme much?!). My favourite gets a handful of new pens at the end of the week (I'll even wrap them in a page of my scratchings to prove how repetitive they are haha).
*Giveaway now closed, thanks for your comments maties - you're an artistic bunch!*


Mica said...

Best giveaway pics I've seen! :)

I'm definitely in need of new pens - my scribbles are nothing fancy, actually just scribbles - circles or triangles or big scribble-y spirals.

My email is awayfromblue at :)

olivia said...

i love to draw eyes, and if i'm really not paying attention and totally getting into it, i like to add lush lashes, and iris lines and brow hairs. i also draw geometrical shapes, and add on, add on, until it reaches the other side of the page

Teer Wayde said...

Such a huge lover of stationery! Thant much so I use to be bribed with it instead of barbies when I was you ;)

I tend to scribble little comics when I get the chance or odd looking people I create in my own head.

my email is info @

indigorchid said...

Wow, I just love the photos - I thought the post would be about another styling gig of yours! These are the types of accessories-stories I would actually pause to look at in a magazine. They are usually my least favorite bit. (damn, you're good.)

I scribble scrolly/leaf-vine/treebarkbeetlepaths usually. Same thing, over and over. Ha!

(email is indigorchid(at)

Tygenco said...

When caught doodling on note paper, I find that I've created a landscape of patterns and occasional faces and comments. Sometimes there are symbols there as well; spirals and ankhs and all-seeing-eyes and even [my lame] attempts to draw evil-eye-wards.

However, one will also find swirls and swipes on my newsprint pad that I have for Life Drawing--because that's how I ensure my charcol is doing what I need it to do.

The only class notes that don't have anything like scribbles doodled in them are the ones I have for Math (it ends up being geometric shapes that look vaguely tied to the content being worked on) and my Art History notes (because if I did managed to get a free moment to scribble then I wasn't paying attention to my teacher)

Amy Alexandra said...

I draw...

sausage dogs
ice-cream cones
and just general graphic-y scribbles (definitely a frustrated textile designer inside me)

I also write endless lists!