corporate monotone


Monotone details

Monotone details

Monotone details

Monotone details

Monotone details

Monotone details

I'm back in the office for a few weeks so my mornings are less 'what do I fancy being today?' and more 'run-shower-grab-clothes-bollocks-that-needs-drycleaning-do-I-have-time-for-breakfast (to which the answer is resoundingly, yes, can't function without)-how-fast-can-I-walk-in-these-shoes-oh-smeg-I'm-late-for-the-bus'. Nevertheless, the premise of corporate land is still somewhat of a novelty, and I quite enjoy pretending I'm a fantastically directional architect or something (just to be clear, I'm not. I'm a temporary office manager while someone is in France, but this too has its challenges).

I can't resist the faux-Miyake sculptural allure of these permanent press tops when I see them in opshops. Mixing up textures gives the old black&white notion a bit of a twist - trying for monotone rather than monotonous, after all.

top - opshop
skirt - willow
heels - zomp
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony
ring - toby jones
+ trusty apple macbook


Mica said...

Love the little details you've incorporated into the classic black and white outfit with the texture on the top and cut-out detail on the skirt :)

Stacy said...

Did you customize that skirt? I just picked up a lace skirt and am wondering if it's office material. Mind you I work in creative (and I'm the weird one) so I guess I just answered my own question didn't I!

harbourmaster said...

Nope Stacy it came like this, laser cut so way neater than anything I could manage with scissors! Have no doubt you'd be able to rock lace in the office.

Fashion Hayley said...

Been meaning to comment to say I freaking love this look. I too look at those 90's tops and see Miyake potential in them.