floral stripe orrite


Floral Stripe

Floral Stripe

Floral Stripe Orrite
As much as I appreciate the notion of digital prints as a revolutionary new era in textile design I've been hesitant to haphazardly fill my wardrobe with them, because at a certain level of the market (ie. the one I can most readily afford) they all become a bit samey (Givenchy inspired, Givenchy inspired, Peter Pilotto inspired, Givenchy inspired...one gets the picture). Hence, digi prints go on the list of (ever expanding as my tastes & ethical views mature) things-that-require-design-integrity-therefore-are-worth-saving-up-for. This skirt by Australian label Ellison fits the bill - crystallised roses that perfectly mash up past and future (one of my very favourite themes, which always makes me think of this song from The Mighty Boosh):
"Elements of the past, elements of the future, combining to make something not quite as good as either"
- although, of course, I like my past/future mashups to be BETTER than originals or there's hardly any point.
Tshirt pedigree I'm less fussed about, as in my experience price is no indication of quality (I have Kmart tees that I wear regularly, and have had Acne tees that looked crap after one wash). This particular number came from the op shop - proving the lifespan of good quality and design value shows no bounds.
skirt - ellison
t - op shop
earrings - capnmueller
boots - acne pistol
bag - alexander wang
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony


Constance said...

Ilove your style! You look amazing!


Mica said...

that skirt is beautiful! A great investment purchase, I really like the print :)

That mighty boosh song scares me though..that whole series with the eel song and crack fox...so freaky! haha!

harbourmaster said...

Thanks lovelies!

Mica you are so right that series of Boosh got so weird, the crack fox is too creepy!