the utilities





'Utility' is one of those fashion buzzwords I've never quite grasped the concept of - you don't see too many people walking around in overalls, landgirl style, it doesn't necessarily equate to practicality & it sure as hell doesn't have anything to do with utes (except that, at a stretch, perhaps it's easier to climb into a single cab 4x4 if you're not wearing flounces) - but I think I'm start to suss it. Things that are understated but more than basic, potential military undertone, easy to wear, goes with everything. This top, bag & heels fall into this category, and I often find myself wearing them together and just mixing up the bottom half, which certainly fits the utility bill.

top - zara
skirt - willow
bag - alexander wang
heels - zomp
sunnies - alice euphemia x colony
rings - toby jones/estelle deve/vintage

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Mica said...

That skirt is beautiful! I know this post is about the other items, but they work so well to make the skirt stand out! :)