black out day 1


Black Out logo

Black Out outfit 1

Black Out outfit 1

Black Out outfit 1

Black Out outfit 1

Black Out outfit 1

Fellow Perthie blogger Mon Amie has issued a challenge - no wearing of black ANYTHING AT ALL for one week. As much as I love black I've been feeling a bit complacent with my outfit choices, and the past few weeks in corporate land had me starting to default, so I will be attempting to 'Black Out' my wardrobe this week! The rules state no black anything - shoes, accessories, the works - but I'm putting a self-imposed loophole in for ballet and workout gear as they don't really count. Not the most exciting start for me but I had lots of running around to do today (in an industrial area, in the heat. Polyester tshirt was, in hindsight, a poor choice, but I do enjoy the print!).

Check out lovely colourful Mon and the other bloggers partaking in the challenge here.

t - antipodium
jeans - levis
shoes - melissa
bag - vintage
sunnies - colony x alice euphemia
necklaces - vintage diy/
ring - toby jones
heart earring - alice euphemia


Mica said...

Really like the printed tee! :) Good luck with your challenge :)

Mon Amie said...

That top! It is incredible! It reminds me of a map or something :-)


p.s. self imposed ballet loophole is acceptable! We aren't 5 and don't wear baby pink to ballet anymore :-p