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Photos by Emma Bergmeier

Sometimes one just feels the need to dress like an anime character, and, in my experience, fashion grad shows are the place to do it. Students are putting their last hurrah of unbridled creativity on the runway, buyers and media are looking for the next big thing, everyone is showing off for the street snappers and generally hamming it up, because why the hell not...or at least this is how it happens in Melbourne. Apparently not so much in Perth (sorry P-Town, I love you in most other aspects).

To say I stood out in this getup at the Curtin grad show last week would be the understatement of the century, but I'm pretty comfortable with that - being a crazy old fashion lady is one of my life ambitions, someone has to show the kids how we used to do it!

jumper - skin&threads
bra - cotton on body
skirt - willow
shoes - melissa
headband - diy
necklace (actually a belt) - alannah hill
earrings - capnmueller
clutch - vintage


Esz said...

This is such a rad outfit - like an Anime character of a mermaid goddess or something. Love it!

I can't believe that people DONT break out the cray-cray in Perth! There's so few opportunities to really glam/ham it up these days. Poo-poo to the conservatives ;-) At least you showed 'em good!

S + T said...

That is actually such a cool outfit!!! And anyway, if there's one place you can wear literally ANYthing, it's gotta be a fashion show right? :)

It was good seeing you last night!

Steph xx
Le Fanciulle

Mica said...

You look amazing! Definitely appropriate for a fashion show :)

Really like that pink glittery skirt :)

Tara said...

I love this outfit! Maaaan it looks like it was an amazing show. I can't believe more people wouldn't get dressed up! You look rad!