michelin man


Michelin Man

Michelin Man

Michelin Man

Michelin Man

Michelin Man

There's no denying it - this jumper has serious Michelin Man potential.
But I can live with that, not least because any time anyone ever says 'Michelin Man' I'm reminded of this sketch from BBC classic Not The 9 O'Clock News, which is hilarious. It was also one of the pieces I used in my first VM for Elle so when a lone one roguely appeared on the sale rack I thought I'd better rescue it.

It's been annoyingly, unseasonably cold in Perth - hurry up warm weather! I mean, jumpers are one of my favourite things, but I don't want to wear them all summer long...

jumper - skin&threads
dress - willow
scarf - present from mum
belt - op shop
boots - acne
ring - toby jones
scruffy sherpa style hair c/o walking home from work in the rain

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Mica said...

You look so warm in that jumper! I like how you've worn your scarf too :)

xStroutx said...

Loooove this jumper. I haven't been finding it that cold so much as just super rainy... I've kinda enjoyed the thunderstorms and stuff though!

Stacy said...

I like the stripes and spots combo!